Wow! Meet The World’s Tallest Family With The Shortest Member Standing At 6ft 3 (Photos)

An American family from Minnesota has been confirmed as the tallest in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, according to Daily Mail UK.

The Trapp family, consisting of dad Scott, mom Krissy, and children Savanna, Molly, and Adam, has an average height of 6ft 8in.

Adam, 22, may be the youngest member of the family, but he is also the tallest at 7ft 3in, and was the driving force behind the Trapps reaching out to Guinness World Records.

Mom Krissy is the shortest of the Trapps measuring 6ft 3in.

While Savanna Trapp-Blanchfield, 27, comes in as the second tallest kid at 6ft 8in, closely followed by Molly Steede, 24, who is 6ft 6in, with dad Scott 6ft 8in.

They broke the record on December 6, 2020 with a combined height equaling the length of half of a tennis court after they were measured standing up and lying down by Dr. Anna Sudoh, an orthopaedics doctor at Essentia Health.

Wow! Meet The World's Tallest Family With The Shortest Member Standing At 6ft 3 (Photos)

But, the Trapp children say being tall isn’t easy and comes with its own set of unique problems.

Savanna told Guinness World Records: ‘The growing pains were unreal. I have stretch marks on the back of my legs. If I stand up too fast, I’ll faint and it’s a long way to fall.’ She also explained how during one growth spurt, she grew an inch and a half in just one month.

Dad Scott added: ‘When I was in the first grade, I was taller than my teacher.’

But he also explained the perks of his height: ‘Being able to meet new people when they come up and ask me questions about my height is something I like the most.’

The family detailed the difficulties of going about everyday tasks, such as shopping for clothing and driving their cars.

Wow! Meet The World's Tallest Family With The Shortest Member Standing At 6ft 3 (Photos)

Adam described how he was able to put one leg at a time into his trousers ‘like most people’. However, in a video posted to YouTube, Savanna said: ‘God bless the drag queens. This is the only way that I have high heels, right, because I am a women’s size 16, men’s size 15.’

The three Trapp kids were aided by their height when playing sports and were recruited by colleges for both basketball and volleyball, with one coach saying ‘you can’t teach height.’

Savanna hopes to use her height to become a model and younger sibling Molly wants to start her own tall family and break the record.

‘Our friends and family are so proud of us and like to use us for bragging rights, saying they know a world record holder,’ said Savanna.